3rd Generation Night Vision
Equipment Used
Wilson Combat AR-15
Rifles Used

As a farmer you look to cut cost on your production to bring it to the market for a fair price. I offer to help stop crop damage so you can reap the benefits of your hard work. AfterDark Hog & Predator control will come to your land and shoot the pest that you have for "FREE". I ask in return that you allow a controled hunt by my clients. My clients will be supervised by me and will adhere to your wishes as the land owner. I only take 1 and sometimes 2 hunters onto your land at a time. We hunt at night with military grade Night Vision equipment that at this time is the best in the world. We make sure of what we are shooting at and will shoot only in a safe manner.

But what if I do not want any hunting?
We offer a trapping service where we use D.N.R. purchased traps to rid you  of unwanted hogs. There is a fee for this service.

Call me for more information 229-395-6762 or e-mail info@afterdarkhogs.com

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